#ADayInTheLife: What does a Specialist in Onboard Retail Operations do?

Our special North America week is coming to an end, but we hope you enjoyed learning more about our colleagues and partnerships.

Before we wrap up this series focused on Retail inMotion’s business in North America, we’d like you to meet Bradley Marquez, Specialist Onboard Retail Operations, who has allowed us to peep into his daily life, as part of our #ADayInTheLife series.

Describe your typical work day

My name is Bradley Marquez and I’ve been working as Specialist Onboard Retail Operations in the North America office since February 2019.

I wake up at 6:35am every morning, and I always begin the day with three eggs and two slices of bacon. As an athlete, what I eat is important and I try to jumpstart my day by maximizing my protein intake.

I arrive in the Retail inMotion office at 8am and I check my emails, then I grab a coffee and I put together a list of tasks that need to be completed for the day. 

My list of tasks includes addressing flight attendant comments, participating in calls with our airline customers, addressing catering operational issues, conducting product fit tests or configuring pack-outs, and more. I also address any catering operational issues with the team via email or in meetings, depending on everyone’s schedule.

I have lunch at noon and then I take care of tasks such as hardware configuration, troubleshooting returned devices and performing triage on broken devices onsite as needed.

I head home somewhere between 5-5:30pm, I have a light snack or meal while I watch sports and then I hit the gym at 8pm. I played baseball in college, so I really enjoy watching sports to finish my day.


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