Retail inMotion Engages Edelweiss Crew with Roadshow Event

Twice a year, our customer Edelweiss hosts a multi-day event for their crew. Our team at Retail inMotion has had the pleasure of participating in this event since it was started a few years ago in order to further introduce the crew to our technology and the various products that are sold on board. (You can read all about that, here!)

We’re thrilled to say that this year the Edelweiss team took their crew event to the next level! The crew event took place over 5 days, but this time around there was a major difference. For the first time ever, Edelweiss crew members could participate in a special one-day onboard retail roadshow during the larger event. Several vendors for the Edelweiss boutique program were in attendance to display the products that they offer onboard.

How did it turn out? In short, really well! The first-ever showcase for onboard retail was well-attended by crew members – more than 20% of the crew came by during the dedicated onboard retail day. “Crew members are always commenting on how they don’t know the smell of a perfume on board or the size of a watch they are selling to passengers,” commented Nicole Tavernier, Product Manager Onboard Retail at Retail inMotion. “This roadshow was all about giving the crew the opportunity to really experience the products they are selling.”

The roadshow was organized by the Retail inMotion team in Cologne, with direct consultation from our Global Crew Engagement experts in Dublin. “Each airline’s crew is different,” explained Andre Bendig, Account Manager Edelweiss for Retail inMotion. “That means that they need different incentives and different approaches. With the help of our expert Crew Engagement team, we made this event unique and special for the Edelweiss crew.” With the support of Daniel Bayer, Inflight Sales Manager Edelweiss and main organizer for the event, the Retail inMotion team was really able maximize the effectiveness of the onboard retail roadshow day and ensure that it fit seamlessly into the larger crew event.

Following the onboard retail day event, a select group of the top-selling crew members were invited for an evening event to acknowledge their accomplishments throughout the year. At the dinner, the high-performing crew were asked questions about their perception of the onboard offerings and for their suggestions on how they would improve both the Edelweiss product mix and onboard processes in general.

The Retail inMotion team also used the roadshow as an opportunity to introduce “The Dragon’s Den” – an exciting new crew incentive being started exclusively with Edelweiss….but more on that in the coming weeks!

Take a look at some impressions from the event:

Retail inMotion has worked with Edelweiss since 2015. Our team provides a full-outsourced solution to the airline for their boutique and duty free program, including category management, operations management and the use of several modules of Vector, our proprietary onboard retail management software.