Retail inMotion and design partner Identity receive Hermes Award for Lifestyle Shopping Guide “Vibe”

Retail inMotion and their design partner Identity have been awarded the prestigious Platinum Award at the Hermes Awards for “Vibe”, the brand new Lifestyle Shopping Guide created for Etihad Airways.

The Hermes Awards represent one of the world’s oldest and largest creative competitions and receive over 6000 entries every year. Based in Dallas (USA), the awards are open for companies and individuals ranging from smaller design agencies through to the big design / marketing / ad agencies from all over the world. Companies can enter creative and design-based work from a wide variety of formats: magazines, publications, branding, marketing, ad campaigns, digital, websites, videos etc.

“We are delighted to be awarded the platinum level – it’s an amazing achievement as we appreciate that only a small percentage of entries get awarded this, and it shows that all judges recognise our work as being at the top of the game,” commented John Martin, Director at Identity.

“We are very proud of this award. Comprised of vibrant editorial content, captivating layout design and engaging celebrity features, we commissioned Identity to create the inflight retail industry’s first lifestyle-focused shopping magazine. The new publication is a deliberate departure from the traditional onboard catalogue format and has been designed to offer Etihad’s guests a new, enriched lifestyle shopping experience,” said Andrea Fiore, Head of Global Sales at Retail inMotion.

All entries are judged and scored by an independent panel of judges from various creative companies globally and overseen by The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), one of the largest third-party evaluators of creative work in the world.

The launch of “Vibe”, Etihad Airways’ brand new Lifestyle Shopping Guide was announced in October 2019. It covers the latest fashion and lifestyle trends and takes readers on a journey to the depths of the luxury universe of top brands, cult products and exclusive releases. The latest events, shows and travel destinations are tackled and regular features include top tips on favorite travel products from selected crew members.

Retail inMotion became Etihad Airways’ onboard retail partner in April 2018; the in-flight retailer took over the Boutique program in November 2018, and introduced the “Sweet or Salty” Food & Beverage retail program five months later.