Introducing Hubble – Retail inMotion’s newest team member

A diverse group of our team members hit the drawing board a few months ago with one goal in mind: find a mascot that perfectly embodies what it means to work at Retail inMotion. We wanted to create a figure that would represent our teams and show the outside world what we’re all about.

What makes Retail inMotion special? How are our employees different? What represents us as a company? When someone visits Hangar57, how do they experience the environment here? These were all questions that needed to be answered. After a heated brainstorming session and a few quacky ideas (blue duck, anyone), we eventually determined that an “astronaut” was exactly the figure we wanted to represent us. We’re cool, a little quirky, forward thinking, friendly and work for a company with solutions that are out of this world (pun intended). Hangar57 is a place where it’s ok to be yourself and to follow your passions, no matter if people think you’re out in space.

Today, on the anniversary of the Hubble telescope’s launch in 1990, we’d like to introduce to you our galaxy’s next big bang: Hubble, the Astronaut. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be giving you a more in-depth look at Hubble – work style, hobbies, passions and personality. We’ve got videos and graphics planned and, if you find yourself at Hangar57, Hubble will even be on display.

Hubble represents all of us at Retail inMotion and we hope you enjoy getting acquainted!

It’s one small step for RiM, one giant leap for RiM-kind.