Kick up your feet with “Order to Seat”

Hate waiting to order when you’re flying? Do you often realize you are hungry after the flight attendant passes by with the trolley? Would you prefer to peruse an inflight catalogue and place an order at your own speed on your own phone? Well, Retail in Motion’s new “Order to Seat” application is just the thing you’ve been waiting for!

As a part of our greater Digital Retail Platform, the Retail inMotion “Order to Seat” application enables passengers to order and pay for food & beverages and duty free products from their smartphones and tablets. “Order to Seat” also supports service and product delivery to seats and to other locations, i.e. passengers’ homes, flight destinations, and other desired locations.

“Our ‘Order to Seat’ application revolutionizes the onboard retail experience for passengers,” commented Fred Herrera, IFE (In-Flight Experience) Product Manager at Retail inMotion. “By allowing them to order directly from their personal devices, the power and personalization of retail is in their hands.”

The new application opens up opportunities for airlines to retail services and products on a personal basis to passengers’ personal devices (“Bring Your Own Device” concept) while still involving crew members to fulfill sales and earn commissions. “Order to Seat” is configured to allow airlines to easily manage their onboard program and customize the features and content provided to passengers based on their specific business needs, like crew size, product offering and payment options.

“Order to Seat” is in the final stages of development and implementation with a first customer and is available commercially to other airlines. The application is flexible – it can be integrated with airlines’ existing apps and / or can be accessed in-browser of smartphones and tablets. Onboard hardware integration of Order to Seat can also be fast-tracked via docker container technology that is configurable remotely for different aircraft models. In addition, several major IFE hardware systems are already able to host Order to Seat.  Another unique feature of the Order to Seat app is that it enables offline payment for passengers and integrates 3rd party payment gateway.

With “Order to Seat”, airlines can increase ancillary revenue, improve their crew processes, and transform their retail offering into a more personalized passenger experience.

For more information about Order to Seat, please reach out to our Technology Team at technology@rim.local