Post-COVID-19 operations: Retail inMotion’s Onboard Retail team adopts innovative solutions to boost onboard retail experience

The question “What will the ‘new normal’ look like?” is on everyone’s lips these days, even more so for businesses, since the COVID-19 pandemic is driving them to reshape their strategies.

All the changes that have occurred due to the pandemic have caused both individuals and businesses to rethink their basic assumptions about different aspects of their personal and professional lives. As an in-flight retail specialist, Retail inMotion is interested in identifying future travel behaviour in order to meet the customers’ changing needs.

As mentioned in a previous article, social distancing will greatly influence the in-flight service offer and process, and we believe that our technology and retail offering can put not only customers’ minds at ease but also passengers’.

Retail inMotion intertwines onboard retail with technology

For Retail inMotion, successful business innovation means combining technology with onboard retail innovation. In addition to using this unique time to further accelerate our digital journey, we have adapted our onboard retail solutions to help airlines restart their activity by reducing complimentary catering costs while increasing ancillary revenues, with little or no effect on the passenger experience.

Right now, trust plays the biggest role in post-COVID-19 recovery. As passengers’ trust in food consumption on board has diminished, it is important to emphasize the safety of the products we offer and the processes we have in place.

What will onboard retail look like post-COVID-19?

We believe that the onboard retail business will expand as a result of the pandemic as more and more airlines will introduce Buy-on-Board as they transition from traditional catering to onboard retail.

Digitalization will not only support social distancing but also enable a faster and more convenient way of processing pre- and in-flight sales for passengers and crew members. One of the key solutions we are currently implementing is omni channel retailing, which gives passengers access to an exclusive digital product offering through pre- and in-flight ordering. Passengers will be able to order and pay via their own device so that the interaction with the crew is limited to product delivery.

Furthermore, we are reshaping our existing product portfolio to meet all passenger, crew, and hygiene requirements, as well as minimize cost and waste.

Although we are actively working toward ensuring passengers’ comfort, safety, and health, crew members are equally important to us. In order to maintain a steady engagement level and keep training on track during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering virtual training sessions.

What is Retail inMotion working on that will support the return to flying?

We are thrilled to announce that in the last few months, we have been actively working on a new approach to onboard retail: OBR LITE, which allows us to implement an Onboard Retail concept within eight to ten weeks with minimum viable products and services.

With significantly lower investment in time and finances, lower commitment in terms of fleet size, OBR LITE is ideal for pilot projects, tight time restrictions or phased transition to retail.

More information about OBR LITE and its benefits will follow soon!


So what have we learned from this unique time? First, flexibility is the way forward, especially during ramp-down and ramp-up phases. Second, digitalization is a must-have in the time of COVID-19 and beyond; business continuity and growth will not be possible without the right technology in place.

On the basis of social distancing and digitalization, we at Retail inMotion will continue to adapt and develop solutions for the “New Normal” in the most flexible way possible.

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