Retail inMotion at the Digital Aviation Forum

James Kelly, IT Sales Manager Europe at Retail inMotion, recently attended the Lufthansa Digital Aviation Forum, held on January 10. He shares his experience presenting Retail inMotion’s IT solutions at the event.

A few days ago, I was able to attend the Lufthansa Digital Aviation Forum to showcase Retail inMotion’s impressive IT solutions. The event was hosted by Lufthansa to mark the airline’s launch of high-speed internet access on their short- and medium-haul fleet in Q1 of 2017. This launch will allow inflight internet access with speeds akin to those found on traditional home broadband services.

Lufthansa will be the first airline in Europe to offer such a service and the fleet has already begun to be outfitted with this new technology. Actually, it is a little known fact that Lufthansa was one of the pioneers of inflight WiFi, being the world’s first airline to launch broadband services to passengers on commercial long-haul flights all the way back in 2003.

In conjunction with this launch ceremony, Lufthansa showcased all of their digital innovation from pilot training aids and remote container tracking to onboard services tools. That’s where we came in: as a member of the LSG Group, RiM was invited to present its innovative IT solutions for onboard sales and inventory management.

In addition to yours truly, the forum was attended by Mr. Carsten Spohr (CEO Lufthansa), fellow LSG Group employees, Lufthansa employees, over 100 members of the international press as well as Lufthansa HON Circle Card frequent flyer members.

The event was a remarkable display of the investment and determination of Lufthansa to be a global leader in Aviation Technology Innovation — and also a great opportunity for Retail inMotion to show off some of the great IT solutions we have.