Retail inMotion at the Passenger Experience Conference

We’ve been pretty busy this week at the World Travel Catering Expo (WTCE) in Hamburg, Germany. The WTCE is one of the biggest industry expo’s of the year and, as part of the LSG Group, we have a major presence there.

There are several other events that take place in conjunction with the WTCE. The day before the expo begins, the Hamburg Messe hosts a conference for airline industry professionals called the “Passenger Experience Conference”. (That’s #PEC2017, if you’re looking for it on social media.)

This year, Jan Blanchard, Head of T Sales at Retail inMotion, led a session for attendees on travel retail and different innovations within the industry. Jan’s presentation focused on our various IT capabilities and how we work to make sure we’re always meeting and exceeding passenger expectations. We caught up with Jan at the conference to get an overview of his speech. Take a look.