5 Reasons that Retail inMotion is Mad for the World Cup

Retail inMotion has World Cup fever! But why do we care about this sporting event so much? Take a look at the top five reasons:


  1. Our teams are playing!

At Retail inMotion, we’ve got offices across the globe. However, you don’t need to look further than our headquarters in Dublin to see that we’re an incredibly diverse company. In just Dublin alone, we proudly represent 23 nationalities. And 10 of those nations are participating in the World Cup — everything from Argentina to Croatia to Sweden.

Our Service Desk is one of most diverse sub-teams. They provide service in multiple languages and are the front line in solving any issues for our customers and their team members.


  1. We love football

Many people at Retail inMotion believe that football fanaticism is the unspoken sixth Culture Icon for RiM. We recently participated in the LSG Group’s International Soccer Cup in Frankfurt, Germany, where we had a team of near-professional players from our offices in Cologne, Germany and Dublin come together to compete for glory against the other members of the group. In Dublin, we also have some pretty intense football enthusiasts who get together and play each week after work.


  1. Diversity is an amazing thing

Besides the Olympics or your standard Coldplay concert, very few events unite the world like the World Cup. Diversity is incredibly important to us at Retail inMotion and we love that the World Cup is a microcosm of the diversity that the world has to offer. Retail inMotion has been named a Great Place to Work for the past two years and we’re proud that both times we ranked highly on the area of diversity, whether it’s having a good gender mix at the office, celebrating the variety of the national origins we represent, or creating a welcoming environment for our team members regardless of sexual orientation, age, or religion.  Check out this video to see what makes RiM special: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYeUhpD-84k


  1. We can watch it here at the office

Retail inMotion is a Great Place to Work … but it’s also a cool place to work. At Hangar57, we’ve got the matches on every day. We know how important these games are to our team members, so we’ve got the games playing on one of the big screens in the RiM Canteen for the diehard fans to take a 90 minute break and support their team!


  1. Our customers’ teams are playing

Beyond having 10 nations represented from our employee base, when we add in our customer base, that number goes up to 17. That’s more than 60% of the teams that are participating. Chances are, no matter what your position is at Retail inMotion, you probably work with a teammate or customer whose team is playing. That’s a great reason to follow the games!