Our Crumble & Co. range of premium, extended shelf life cakes is the perfect treat at any time of the day for your passengers.

Extended Shelf Life

Crumble & Co. cakes have an extended shelf life of 26 weeks – perfect for minimizing the risk of wastage.

Space-Saving Packaging

Our Crumble & Co. cakes come in beautifully designed space-saving and easily stackable and packable boxes that protect the quality of the product.

Wonderful Taste

We only use the very best ingredients in our mouth-wateringly delicious Crumble & Co. cakes.
Crumble & Co.

Designed to Delight

A treat for both your passengers and your bottom line

We created Crumble & Co. cakes to compliment our luxury coffee range whilst minimizing the risk of wastage with extended shelf life. The product is also packaged in a beautifully designed box that is distinguishable by flavor. The outer packaging makes it easy for crew to identify and ensures that the product is delivered to the passenger in the best possible condition. Open the joy!


We only use the very best ingredients


    We have sold enough Crumble & Co. cakes to reach the summit of Mount Everest four times over.